Global Warming Poster

Well, this is my final work. Finally after trying several decorations and compositions, I decided this one to be my global warming poster. One point that is made about this poster is that it I tried to UNLEASH my creativity through its content, style and difference with other ordinary and stereotyped global warming posters (always focusing on earth, heat and melting!). I believe it is showing exactly what it is stated in its content. A violent and harsh visualization showing that somehow (polar) bears are very angry and consequently dangerous because of the influence in their life mostly caused by our deeds (global warming). The content is focusing on 3 points:

1. Polar bears eat each other because of the food shortage caused by global warming effect in their environment.

2. Danger of bear attacks (in Moscow); unusual heat has made it hard or impossible for bears to hibernate. When they can’t hibernate they get crouch and “usually aggressive”.

3. Dying polar bears: Thanks to cannibalism (may be the least of the bears’ problems), drowning (being unable to swim in the increased spaces between melting sea ice) and many other problems two third of polar bears will be gone by 2050.


~ by shayan0askari on May 7, 2008.

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