An important point*

Howdy, everyone.

I just one to mention a very important point about my global warming poster ideation. What I did was to refuse searching for “global warming” and “global warming poster” in images available on internet. Instead I searched in WEB for “global warming causes” and “global warming effects”.I read causes and effects of global warming and after deciding one of them to be my poster purpose, I thought and came up with the idea on my own. This is REALLY important because as Mr Neo Kian once mentioned in the class, reading stimulates¬† your imagination and makes you think, imagine and consequently CREATE. The reason I didn’t search for images was that after looking at images I could probably be limited to the images and just think and imagine my poster in the very same way and thus had a similar idea to them (increasing inspiration decreases creativity).

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~ by shayan0askari on May 8, 2008.

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