The eyes

Well, in first post i want to say what technique is used for making my eyes look horror.

My eye, the left one (when you look at my eye) which is red. I used magnetic lasso tool to select my retina. then i colored it with brush tool. then in image>adjustments>brightness&contrast i increased the contrast and brightness.

My right eye, for whitening my retina (so that it looks as if my eye is blind) i used smudge tool to push white part of my eye into the black part. Then i used dodge tool to whiten it. Finally i used clone stamp tool and used my left eye to make my right eye look more natural. finally if im not wrong i used history brush tool with a very less opacity to make my eye look more natural.

No eyebrow:

For hiding my eyebrows (to make my face more horror looking) i created a new layer and used clone stamp tool and using the skin near my eyebrows to recreate a skin above my image. After that, i used brush tool and eyedropper tool to make it more natural. Next, i used burn tool to recreate dark parts of my face near my eyebrows. Finally, i used history brush tool with a very low opacity to make the whole layer more natural.

Eye scar (on the blind eye):

I used brush tool and with smudge tool i tried to show different parts of it (on my eye, on my eyelash and under my eye) with good perspective.


~ by shayan0askari on September 7, 2008.

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