Making of:Unnatural bear face

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Then I placed the image in Adobe Illustrator. But I had already drawn all the details using pen tool in AI (using the original image). Anyway, I found my own tracing image (using pen tool) bare, ugly and unnatural. The reason my image looked unnatural was that it was consisted of only lines and there was no shadow and colors in it.


Making of:improving bear face

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So I decided to live trace the bear head image (cropped image) and put it behind my own bear image to make it look better and more natural. Then I put the live traced image into the symbols palette to decrease its moving speed (every time I wanted to move the live traced image, I had to wait for AI to load the process of live tracing).

Making of:”STOP it”

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After finishing working with the bear’s face, I started working on the “STOP it” text. I tried every font available in AI and finally chose one of them. Wanting the text to be more embellished, I added two strokes to it and used yellow and red (warning colors) for them. I wanted my text to be in a red wild rectangle to in order to make it look like a bloody stamp (to make it show violent). So I tried different brushes for my rectangle and finally chose Charcoal Rough brush. And of course choosing red color for it was important.

Making of:Paw

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In the next step I worked on the bear paw. I had an image of it but first problem for using it was that it was bitmap and its quality wasn’t high enough to just simply paste it in the poster. Second problem was that even after changing it to vector using live trace (as long as it was black and white, there was no distinct difference between the original image and its live traced vector version), I couldn’t apply color to the paw because it was the whole rectangle containing the paw colored when I applied color to it. Thus, I just simply used pen tool to make a new paw following that paw. After that, I added a new stroke to it and applied artistic paintbrush>Dry brush 2.

Making of:Final compostion

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Finally, I put my 3 texts and changed their positions few times to get the best composition.

Paw sketch

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This are the paw sketches that I want to use in my poster. Actually, I haven’t decided which one to choose.

You can see their references followed by them.

Bear sketch No. 2

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Well, hear you can see my second bear sketch. I used several images in order to draw this one. Hmmm, let me tell you what my statement and the points I want to make global warming:

1.Cannibalistic polar bears. This means that as longer seasons without ice keep polar bears away from food, they start eating each other.

2.And dying polar bears. This one wants to inform the viewer that lot of polar bears are also drowning, unable to swim in the increased spaces between melting sea ice. Two-thirds of them may be gone by 2050.

3.More bear attacks: Earlier this year, Moscow warned its citizens to beware of brown bear attacks. In Russia, it’s been too hot in the winter for bears to sleep. When bears can’t hibernate, they get very grouchy and become “unusually aggressive.”[

These are bear photos that I used to draw the bear sketch above.